DeKalb County Code Enforcement Policies and Procedures

The following information was gathered from a conversation with Officer Heckert, DeKalb County Central Precinct Code Enforcement Officer, who handles “quality of life” complaints such as junk cars, weeds, open storage in carport, etc, as well as barking dog complaints for the area that encompasses the Merry Hills neighborhood.


This information pertains to “quality of life” complaints. Major property maintenance issues, that affect habitability, are handled by the DeKalb County Code Enforcement Office (404-417-1240).

Quality of Life Complaints

What are “Quality of Life Complaints”?

“Quality of Life Complaints” are about non-adherence by property owners and occupants to standards for maintaining residential property in accordance with the DeKalb County property maintenance ordinance. These standards are summarized in the Code Enforcement Property Maintenance Ordinance brochure for Unincorporated DeKalb County available at

Who can make a complaint

Anyone can make a complaint

Note: A complaint by a Homeowners Association does not receive priority over an individual complaint.

How to complain

Note: It may take several weeks before the complaint is handled by the code enforcement office,


What Code Enforcement Officer does


Recommendation by Officer Heckert on role of Homeowners Association